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Taiwan Nanotechnology Corp., dedicated to colorant industry in Taiwan for ten years long, has products with a wide range of applications which covers every industry that uses colors. Now developed for the industries of 3C paints, metallic paints, film coating, leather, artificial leather, solar film, photo-electronics and ink.

  Product features

    High stability: In development, each product passes reliability test; hence the system stability of our products all meets the strict requirements.

    Tiny particles: The nano-colorants for paints have particle sizes between 100-200nm, with the distribution of particle sizes controlled to a narrow range. To ensure of the particle size distribution, the products must undergo absolute filtering process after production.

    Simple formula: No resins are added during the process of solvent-based colorants, so that these colorants are easy to use, with solubility higher than normal paint formula.

    Pigment contents: Colorants in formula with highest pigment contents are designed according to the various characteristics of pigments to provide customers with most economical conditions of use. Despite the strict requirements of viscosity, particle size and stability, the current solvent-based colorants have organic pigment contents as high as 15-20% in every color and up to 50% in white color.

    Scope of viscosity: Solvent-based colorants have pigment contents as high as 15-20%, with product viscosity controlled within 10-30CPS.

    Grades of weather durability and lightfastness: The toners have grades of weather durability and lightfastness at 5 and 8, respectively.

  Product categories

Water-based colorants

>> Water-based colorants use pure water as carrier.

Solvent-based colorants


>> (1) PMA system.          (2) MEK system.         (3) EBA system.

Product specifications :

  • General Specifications
  • 3C Paints
  • Artificial Leather
  • INK
Product specifications of nano-colorants
3C Paints Industry
Artificial Leather Industry
TFT-LCD Industry
INK Industry