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Sun Hope Lighting Enterprise Co., Ltd. Milestones

1975   Established in Taipei and started manufacturing of color toner for PVC and cast acrylic sheet.

1980   For expanding the production lines, moved to Taichung Industry Estate, specializing in producing of color toner for PVC, cast acrylic sheet, unsaturated polyester and PU synthetic leather.

1988   Established in Taipei and started manufacturing of color toner for PVC and cast acrylic sheet.

1990   Started manufacturing of color toner for SMC, BMC, and far infrared ray-resisted NIR pigment.

1995   Established R&D department to develop water-based and solvent-based pigment dispersions of nano-grade.

1999   Dedicated to research colored pastes for color filters and inks, inorganic slurries for wafer polish, transparent pigment for replacement of dyestuff and so on.

2000   Dedicated to research of inorganic slurries for CMP technology, i.e. Al2O3, CeO2, SiO2 slurries.

2001   Established affiliated company ”Taiwan Nanotechnology Corporation”..

2003   Developed mainland China markets.

2008   Merged into the Taiwan Nanotechnology Corporation.

           Established “Hangzhou Sun Hope Trade Limited Corporation”.


Taiwan Nanotechnology Corporation Milestones

2001   Received the first purchase order of solvent type mill-bases for inkjet printing.

           Purchased total of 65 million dollars of manufacturing equipments.

2002   Started to construct of the six-floor office building and factory.

2003   Finished the construction of the building.

                    Hold the inauguration of the new company building, and the opening cocktail party. 

                    Started promoting ISO 9001 procedures of control quality within the manufacturing process.

                    Obtained ISO 9001 qualified certificate.

2004   Nominated to be one of the best manufacturers in the Government KM Project.

                    Registered Transasol as our trademark of products in several countries.


2008   Sun Hope Limited Corporation merged with Taiwan Nanotechnology Corporation.

2011   We held the customer seminar for China and Taiwan customers

2014   Taiwan Nano joined to the suppliers association.

2015   1.Our company exhibited international fairs in Shanghai, China, USA and Germany.
                    2. Our president was elected to the member of industry association.