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Research Direction

  Development of new products

Innovation is the main target of new developing plan of products, and it's also the object of developing. By formula design, improves the manufacturing process, takes control of the market information and specialized technology to develop products to fit in with the customer's demands, and owns competitive power.


  Development of new techniques and new materials

Continues to innovate and develop applied technology according to the characteristic demand of different products, integrates with specialized ability of research and development to improve the manufacturing process effectively for guaranteed that technology continues to be the leader, and provides related technology supports to customers. By developing the new material to let the manufacturing process is easier to be controlled, reduces the manufacturing process, and raises the yield rate, more over, applies products in the new field.


  Improvement of quality's proposals 

 Unceasing pursue of handling the problem and the speed of solving the problem, devotes to the related develop about function of products and promotion of quality for guaranteed that performance of products are stable. Insists that all products use the high level original materials to achieve the perfect quality, and it would be passed the strict test before delivery goods to make products enable to display the best performance.


  Development of new manufacturing processes 

 Continues to develop and improve the new manufacturing process in the related field of dispersing and grinding, enhances the productivity and the yield rate. According to advanced process in this field as developed guidance, devotes to be the new technical target of this field. And to be the best among the productivity, the yield rate and the cost.